Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Between Shows......

Jon and I are in between shows in Dallas. These few days in between are providing a self-imposed break where we can't really do any work. After several weeks of what felt like non-stop work, this feels odd. Good, but odd. Today we slept in, went to a garden shop and a stamp store. Cruised a Home Depot and went to Whole Foods. More window shopping than buying, we gathered a few things for meals in our room. We have a small kitchen and are pool side. I've watched more t.v in the last 2 days than I have in the last 2 months. I've seen all I can watch about the swine flu virus. Applauded the Alan Specter switcheroo this morning! Seems not even republicans like to be republicans these days..........who can blame them!

The bird shown here is a Grackle. So black they're blue! They're loud and fill the local trees. We seem to love them as they're very vocal.

Tomorrow Jon has some conference calls for the NAIA and we may see a matinee movie. We go to the movies maybe once a year, so this will be a date. On Thursday we'll set up our booth in Cottonwood Park. On Friday friends arrive from Kentucky and Michigan and it will be good to see them. We're all in the same hotel and tequila may be imbibed. (!) On Saturday the show opens and we'll sell lots of art repeated again on Sunday when we'll sell more. On Monday we'll begin our drive home and arrive back at Purple Hill on Tuesday night. We're missing our kitties and studio, but life is good. The remainder of our year is crazy busy, so this self-imposed respite is appreciated.

Don't let my being away keep you from shopping at my etsy shop.........I'd love to mail a few things when I return!!!



Bonnie Blandford said...

Can't wait to get there and join you!!

Holly Olinger said...

I am in love with those boat tail grackles however beware of the bombs below their trees. No respect for humans.