Friday, January 16, 2009

•• Human Touch ••

Yesterday when a US Ariways jet made an emergency 'water landing' in the icy Hudson River, several things came to mind. I watched spellbound how this huge aircraft became immediately surrounded by nearby boats to the rescue. Seeing an aircraft half submerged in water just isn't right. The passengers began loading onto wings and into lifeboats. The chill of wet clothing masked their relief, to get warm and on solid footing their focus.
What touched me were the actions of the first responders. They touched every survivor. They guided each one with a firm hand on their shoulder or support under their arms. This careful but meaningful gesture must be part of their training. Each passenger was carefully guided to safety. After such a traumatic ordeal, this seemingly small aspect must be critical to the well-being of the person being aided.

Human touch.

The masterful actions of the pilot and his crew were not to be overlooked. They too had some divine guidance!
These saving touches occur in so many ways everyday but are not documented on CNN.
They occur when freinds phone friends with good news. News that alters and makes a difference in their lives.
They occur when you get a surprize package from a friend that lifts your spirits.
An envelope with unexpected generosity inside.
An e-mail when you are most needing one.
This is the power of human touch.

It can be real or long distance but the connection of one human to another is vital.
In a city where people are said to stay to themselves, New York showed once again it's power of concern by how beautifully
choreographed this impromptu rescue took place.
Boats help buoy the aircrafts wings as the passengers were removed.
The importance of touch and holding one another afloat in treacherous!
That's all I can say.
Again, humanity at its utmost best!
There's hope!


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Britt said...

I was very happy to hear that everyone made it out of that alive!