Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bubbling Bliss

Where do you find peace? Where do you unwind and let your mind relax? These cold winter days are followed by hour long soaks in our spa. It is here we solve world problems, life's irregularities and just listen to the wind and nearby chimes. The rustling breezes and howl of coyotes in the surrounding fields fills the air. Their calls a pleasant reminder of rural life and the wild life that grace our existence here on Purple Hill.
We light the nearby chimenea, a treasure we brought home from Santa Fe, with a chunk of pinon firewood and inhale deeply the aroma of the west.
Our hearts are there, and our bodies here.

Late last summer Jon took our old art fair display panels and gave them new life. He cut narrow strips of cedar and wove them between the metal holes to create privacy screens by our spa. They allow wind through and give ample seclusion. This 'green' approach is in keeping with using what we have and recycling existing materials.
I so appreciate Jons' abilities to build and create just what we need. He's a wonderful wood worker and designer! The warmest place we have found is not sitting inside by our wood stove, but sitting outside in 104ยบ water! These words from a native Floridian are funny to hear!

So here's to problem solving and finding an oasis to relax.
An integral piece of staying well in stressful times.

Wishing peace this cold winter night,



Bonnie Blandford said...

So for all this time I've had a lovely picture in my head when you talk "tub". This is so much better than the great picture in my head and now I have SERIOUS tub envy. I can practically relax just by looking at the picture!

LOVE what Jon did with the panels. I should have known he would make them beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Snow, hot tubs,,,, do you live in paradise??


Spillar said...

Looks so great and inviting. Enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. We need to improve the ambiance around our tub. I really like the cedar lattice.