Monday, November 3, 2008


Go VOTE!!!
Let's take our country back!!!!!



Spillar said...

YEAH....I got in line at 5:15am and was out by 6:08. My hand did a little excited shake when I cast my Obama vote today!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris and I voted this morning. No lines but then there aren't many people in our precinct. One of the many ladies working at the polling place today said they had a huge turnout by 9:00am. I asked how many people. "250....I bet we're going to see 600 before the day is through." As she spoke a huge smile stretched across her face. Pretty soon all the polling ladies were smiling and nodding. They love doing their job when the people come in and do theirs. I guess 600 is most all the registered voters in my township.
So here's to the personal and communal power of the vote. Get out there everyone and mark that ballot or touch that screen. This election is so important. Help make life saving change happen!

Kalliope said...

Yes indeed!
I am SO excited about tonight. I just got back from voting, and never have I been more excited to cast my vote.
(Found you on Etsy Etc. thread)


Laurie B. said...


Patricia Hecker said...

We just dented some good cookware for this wonderful occasion!!!
Worth every dent!!

Thanks for the love all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laurie B. said...

sweet sweet Jesus this is a glorious night! My hubby said to tell you he had a sip of some Jamison! Blessings Pat! He's speaking now...