Thursday, November 27, 2008

•• Baxter ••

A few weeks ago, Jon and I were ending a long day in our studio - our usual routine prior to a getting ready for a show. Working till midnight and dragging ourselves up the star-lit driveway. There could certainly be worse commutes. On this particular evening, we were met by a small 'galloping' tiger. He came running towards us. He fell at our feet, rolled and did the 'cute thing' extraordinarily well. Within minutes we decided we could make a box house for him by the back door near the spa. Within a few more minutes, he had a name.
It fit him well! He spent the night in the box and met us the following morning. After verifying he had no real home, he had one now! He's been living in our studio ever since! He'll be there until we can afford taking him to the vet. The weather here has turned to winter and it's cold. We've had several freezing nights. He has 3 'brothers' waiting to meet him inside ....hopefully with open hearts and warm paws.

Sometimes you don't expect goodness like this to arrive so unexpectedly on your doorstep.
Sometimes you don't know how much you love a little kitty until they arrive and suck you into their simple world.
Sometimes, you look into an animals eyes and realize you have given them a home at the same time they have
made you feel safe just by smelling their head or enjoying the fact they love so unconditionally.
Sometimes you don't know what you need until it jumps right in front of you!

Each day he greets us with hugs and meows and is the most affectionate little cashmere-coated- pajama-clad
tiger............a 'stray' who needed us as much as we needed him.

This is Thanksgiving!

You never know when you meet someone what they are going through.
We're all going through something.

Abundant blessings~


Anonymous said...

Baxter sure likes having his picture taken. And why shouldn't he - he's adorable! Our cat, Schweety, gets that same look when the lens approaches. Some cats just know they are cuteness personified. Ah, the adorableness of kitties! A joyful addition to the Purple Hill family. Geri

Spillar said...

Purrfection! I love the look on Baxter's face. I think cats just know a good home when they see one.