Friday, October 31, 2008

On the Mississippi Delta........

This evening finds us in historic Memphis Tennessee, for one of our last shows of the year. To be here, at this historic time in history, a place of Civil Rights battles and the heart of the blues, as Barack Obama is poised to possibly be our next president, is amazing. History is about to unfold with a man capable of ushering in the change so desperately needed.
These are tumultuous times for a country such as ours.
In the midst of 2 wars (one unwarranted), in a wrecked economy and uncertainty on so many levels.
What do we ask of this next President?
Honesty, fairness, an ability to lead and take action.
A care and concern that they will understand the plight of all people.
Someone who listens.
Someone who can articulate the facts and who has the temperment to carefully lead the way.
A navigator for those who have lost hope.

I know when I cast my vote on November 4th, that I am doing so with the utmost of passion, understanding that this vote is one that has been fought for by past generations.
Fought for by those men and women who came before me.
Fought for by people who suffered, died and worked hard to provide a better tomorrow so many yesterdays ago.
That this is my right and responsibility as a citizen of this country.
As a person who, although not leaving behind a legacy of children, wishes to leave the world a bit better than I found it, am reminded how historic my vote really is.

So, as we enter a new reality, one born of care for one another, sacrifice in what lies ahead, and an abilty to solve problems by working for a solution that benefits everyone, I feel like the country is in the aftermath of a great forest fire.
There's damage done, cinders to be swept and things to clean.
This 'fire' etched a path that can now let new growth take place.
We feel raked over the coals, as do so many millions of others.
Much like a delta in the aftermath of a flood. It becomes rich once again from the good within that is stirred to the surface.
We will become strong and whole and enriched again.

The fire and floods will make us stronger.
The good will rise to the surface and the trees will bud again.
This is my hope.
This is why I vote.
I know I can, in some small way, make a difference.




Laurie B. said...

Beautifully written piece! I am beside you in spirit and in the voting booth! With gratitude for your efforts Patricia, your an inspiration and a force for good and change! Rock the vote! Laurie B.

Lo Christine said...

I was so proud when my preschooler said she voted for "rock obama" at their school elections today:)