Friday, November 14, 2008

Cleveland - By Hand Booth #216

Tonight I blog with a certain feeling of exhilaration! After many months of stamping and sanding, what I show you here tonight is my very first booth showing my TattooDreams work. It all came together!! I'm at the IX Center in Cleveland doing the By Hand show. After showing fine art for 24 years, showing a line of craft is completely different. For one thing, when I show my fine art, I hang every piece I bring. With this work, I have many pieces tucked away..............I begin to wonder........did I show the 'right' ones..........too much second just have to carefully display enough work to make for a visually exciting booth. I did this with the wonderful assistance of my husband Jon. He built display racks for my ornaments and shelves to showcase my dream boxes. Friends having never seen this body of work did a double take wondering what we were doing with this work and not what they have come to know us for. That part was fun!
The show runs two more days. The weather here in Cleveland will turn colder tomorrow and there may be light snow in the's beginning to look a lot like winter!

If you're in the gift giving spirit, please think about Tattoo Dreams and talk to Santa...........he knows where to find me!
Happy weekend and to all a good night!



Laurie B. said...

Oh Pat that is just a beautiful display! I'm filled with awe!!! I wish I could get up the energy to do brick and mortar showcases. I've been asked and I always reason away the offer. I did get a tent this summer so that is one step in the right direction. I think you are so gifted! I'll take a gander at your store over the weekend for gift giving. I have vowed to go CORPORATE FREE this Christmas so all gifts I give will be handmade. With gratitude, You friend Laurie B.
I'm so glad I signed up to follow your blog. You are a real inspiration!

Coolmind said...

usa needed to run with the Obama optimism and restore the lost honor and pride of the USA.

E Plulibus Unum

Anonymous said...

I heard that Cleveland actually got a "little" snow over the weekend. Hope it didn't affect your show that much.

Going in a different direction, hey?

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Both the booth and the work are even prettier in person! And the artist of course...

Congratulations on both doing an all around great job with your new work and having a GREAT first show with it!!!


Spillar said...

Your display looks fantastic!!!! Great to see you in Memphis and I was not kidding about the tractor


Anonymous said...

I had a sign and display company for 20+ years and I have to tell you BRAVO! Your display looks professional and inviting. I hope you have a fantastic show.

Luann Udell said...

Your booth is gaw-geous!! If I were at that show, I'd definitely want to come into your booth. Kudos on a great job!