Wednesday, October 8, 2008

★ Destiny ★

Today was important......a day I will never forget!
Today we drove to Indianapolis to see Barack Obama. It's not everyday you get this type of opportunity. When we arrived at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, we saw police directing traffic and very long lines. Overnight rains left the air cool and damp on this fall morning. A far cry different from the sweltering heat we encounter when we go to the State Fair in August. We quickly moved through the screening checkpoint and physical search of my purse and Jons camera. Everything was well organized and lots of cheerful volunteers moved us through quickly. Lines wrapped around the building and within 45 minutes we were seated in the grandstands along with thousands of other friendly Obama-fans!

To watch the secret service, swat teams, media and police take position was an orchestra of the most serious kind. First the ABC World News Tonight bus rolled onto the fairgrounds and the crowd ignited. The big guys were there!
About 20 minutes later, our (hopefully) future President arrived!!
When the crowd (estimated to be in excess of 21,000) caught sight of the motorcade, cheers and chants rose to greet him.
It was human thunder!!
We were part of something very big!
Big for a red state that would certainly never give up this kind of passion for McCain!
Big for a cold wet Wednesday!
Big with people demanding change!
After 8 long, horrible years there was light at the end of the tunnel!!

As Obama took the stage, the dark clouds that had drifted through the morning began to lift.
I know this sounds weird, but the sun was breaking through and it's timing could not have been better!
★Change was on the way!!!★
I sat mesmerized by a calm steady voice that resonated a message I needed to hear first hand.
A message of hope, resolve and determination.
A message of change!
I got it!
So did the other 21,000 people who came alive there today!
This country needs the insight, intellect, passion, problem solving,
humanity and vision of Barack Obama!

To be in the presence of such a masterful orator
with such a powerful message,
an intellect that can solve problems,
a deep compassion for others,
a resolve of hope not fear,
an eloquence not often seen in a candidate-
and sense the energy he exuded was incredible!
It was overwhelming!
It was Obama-rific!
It brought me to tears.
Tears of hope that change can really happen.
It brought to the surface deep emotions.
I knew I was in the presence of a rare and energizing human being!!!
He is our last best chance.
This is the most important election of our lifetime!

★"Our destiny is not written for us, but by us"★

Vote with your heart!
It is not only your right, but your responsibility!


Anonymous said...

Oh, thank God, thank God, THANK GOD it is almost November 4th. I am so ready for this man to be president. So much to do, so many to care for and about. A return to sanity and fairness! This IS the most important election of our lifetime.
Lets ensure the O Team rides to the Whitehouse on a landslide!! VOTE!!



PaintedHorse said...

Oh, Patricia, my heart swelled in my chest just reading about your experience! I saw him too - in Denver - at the stadium. I will never forget it!

"We are part of something very big!" Yes, we are - all of us.

I am a child of the 60s and can't help but think what an Obama presidency would mean to those of us who were so radical and enthused and energetic and sincere during our college days. We thought we could change the world and we did!

This wonderful man inspires me again, in a way I have not been inspired is such a very long time.

I echo your thoughts and those of Geri.

Go Obama/Biden!


shannon said...

*squeeee* Obama love! Let's elect this man! Get out and vooote!

Anonymous said...

What a thrilling experience for you and Jon! This is history being made and you are an eye witness. Our country is in such dire straights and I truly believe that he is our best answer to pull us out of the mess that Bush and his cronies have gotten us into.

Go Obama and Biden!


Anna said...

amazing entry! I really want to see him speak, it sounds like an amazing experience.

Kathy Basil said...

Pat - glad you and Jon were able to have that experience. We're almost there - - -

raf said...

Ohhh...I thank all of you who will vote for Obama..I think the whole world will be relieved to have someone who's not a clone of Bush!Enough stupid war and broken economy!
A huge thanks from Spain!

David Haun said...

There is hope and where there is hope, there is change. Love, David

David Haun said...

There is hope and where there is hope, there is change. Love, David

Patricia Hecker said...

Wow..comments from Spain!
Awesome....the whole world needs the change we can give them!
There are lots of broken alliances Obama will need to mend, but he is the right person for the job!

The world is watching how the American people respond! I hope intelligence prevails at the polls!


Faerie Made said...

i saw him sunday in asheville nc. my life has been so changed. he has inspired in me hope for my country.

we can do it.

yes we can!