Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Reflecting You" etsy Commission

Every now and then, an artist gets a really wonderful and unique commission. One that will test your skills of technique as well as your skills to listen. To interpret what the collector desires and create something better than what they'd hoped for.
I just completed one of those projects!
I began selling my relatively new body of work, TattooDreams, on last December. Shortly after doing so, I met a wonderful Canadian admirer of my work. Her enthusiasm motivated me! She saw things in my work I didn't see. Sometimes when you're that close to your own work, you overlook the nuances others can appreciate.
I was asked by this wonderful woman if I would be willing to create a mirror to mark her special birthday.
I loved this challenge and happily accepted the commission!
We decided on a size and price. After that, discussion revoloved around what to have on this mirror frame.
Children and family names, elements to mark significant events and places in her life, people who impacted her world and the goodness her life reflects all became my muse.

This came together with the 'canvas' being a beautiful maple wood mirror my husband Jon built. Jon has a keen sense of tasteful line to his work and his details and design sense are fabulous!
The size of this is 20" wide and 28" tall with an ebonized black tapered shelf below the mirror.
The smooth finish was achieved using a Danish oil that fragranced our studio while being applied.

So many things came together in such a magnificent way to accomplish this piece and UPS did their part delivering it right on time to Calgary!
I have a happy collector and Jon and I are really satisfied with what we made. A huge thanks for having the passion to trust me with this commission!
It's people like you who let people like me hone their craft, enjoy every workday and live the life I do.
For this and so many other things in this world I am blessed and greatful!

For my blog viewers, of which there seems to be a growing base from the number who subscribe to my blog, I share with you this mirror we called "Reflecting You".

I look forward to creating more pieces like this as well as small tables that can be personized.


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FishBulb500 said...

This mirror is truly a gift. It enhances my house and my life every time I look at it.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Your work changes the soul of the person who looks at it.

Working with you was a wonderful, fulfilling experience. I wish you much luck in your artistic endeavours and I will be ordering more custom work from you in the near future.

I'm grateful I've found you -- if not for Etsy and the internet, I never would have had such a marvelous opportunity to see my life embodied in a work of art.

Laurie B. said...

What a beautiful piece! And a BEAUTIFUL post!!! With gratitude friend, Laurie B.


Amazzzing pieces & works!
I just posted 'tatoo'... Feel free to drop by ok, & hope to hear from you too... Lovely new week to you!

Holly Olinger said...

The crows are calling outside my window as I read this. Very nice, Pat.

Patricia Hecker said...

This is good.
Crows mean change is on the way!

Licia said...

Wonderful work. I like the blending of styles that work so well in this! Beautiful!

Fishbulb's Big Sis said...

This absolutely stunning! It reflects everything about Fishbulb's interesting, special, precious and wonderful life. I don't know how you captured everything, but you did. Wowser.

I bought a Tattoo Box from you awhile back because Sis showed me your page - the woman-empowerment one. Absolutely love it!

It was funny when I was reading your blog and you were talking about a 'woman' who commissioned you, and I'm like, woman?? Sis is still a girl damnit! *lol*

Thank you for making such a beautiful piece for such a wonderful girl. ;)

Warmest wishes from Calgary,


Scott Bulger Photography said...

What a tremendous piece this is! Wow.