Thursday, August 21, 2008

★★★ Change Is On The Way!! ★★★

I have one home.
There are times when I wonder how I can pay for it.
Do you need 7 homes?
Do you need 10 homes?
I don't begrudge wealth.
I do question the moral compass of people who run for President of the Untited States
who have no clue what life for it's inhabitants is really like.
How can you be for the people when you have no idea what kind of lives real people have?

My hope and my prayer for this country is seated in Change!


Open your eyes!
Become informed.
Articulate the facts.
Make change happen.
All is within your power.

It is your moral obligation as a citizen of this planet!
It's about passion.
It's about restoring what so many have fought and died for!



Anonymous said...

Change is on the way, baby!!!!! What a great song and message! He should sing it at the convention. And when he's finished all the delegates can rattle their McSame "I got so many houses I can't remember" keychains and bring the house down!
Amen, amen a change is gonna come!



Spillar said...

I loved the song so much that I grabbed it for my blog as well. Thanks