Monday, August 18, 2008

~~ Relaxing ~~

This last week, we took a few days to unwind with friends in the countryside of Wisconsin. With cumulous clouds effortlessly hanging above, our trip provided vistas of cornfields and family farms. A grand reminder of the bounty of the earth and the farmers who practice this time-honored profession.
After a few days of down time, laughter and tequila, we continued on to the shores of Lake Michigan. For this native Floridian raised on Gulf Beaches, the sand and sun did me good! We spent several hours basking in the wind and feeding the gulls. The soft sand was much like that of the sugar sand of the Gulf. Looming on the horizon was the skyline of Chicago. A reminder that this was indeed a lake!
Later that day we set up our booth for the show that weekend. The breeze off the Lake still with us, we prepared for a good show. I was the shows featured artist. The pre-show publicity with our images didn't hurt. Sales were few but we're following leads that we feel will pan out. By mid-Saturday, a second place red ribbon graced our booth!!!

There's nothing like the enormity of a body of water and endless sky to put things in perspective! I think sitting in our sand chairs for a few hours, being washed by the wind and sun did just that for us.
Managing stress has become a full time gig these days. We treasure the 'windows of peace' as I call them. Those often elusive moments when stress melts and peace flows.
...........Just breathing!
Some days it's easier than others.

Below a short Haiku poem I wrote:

Gulf beaches
were home.

Sun sand kissed love
endless warmth.

I began life there.

Happy week everyone!



Holly Olinger said...

Lovely post Pat. I had a blast watching the little sand crabs this weekend. They are so busy in their little holes.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, that's the same view that I have (without the city)! Pretty amazing!

I can totally understand the effect that Lake Michigan, the sand, sky and waves can have on you...

It's all good.


Spillar said...

Well deserved ribbon - congratulations!

PCarriker said...

Fun looking at your blog and website. Wonderful work! Congrats on your 2nd place and featured artist!! I will see you on the etsy forum.