Wednesday, December 2, 2009

✯ Christmas Card Box ✯

What childhood Christmas memories do you cherish? Was it a particular way something was made or done? A favorite cookie or carol? A particular tradition you still hold onto? Mine was our holiday cards. We strung them on twine that we covered in paper drinking straws. They hung around our living room and each day with the delivery of more mail, the string got longer and longer.
For some, the memory is an object that only came out at Christmas. A decoration or item passed through families that made the holidays all the more magical just by it's annual appearance. I hope I made one of these today.
My husband Jon built this wonderful box from cherry and I rubber stamped it with selected holiday stamps from my vast collection. I chose somewhat 'retro-feel good' stamps that reminded me of my childhood and simpler times. A warm fuzzy for certain!

This box is ideal for safely keeping your holiday cards or treasured ornaments. A usable nostalgic box that can be lovingly passed along to your children as they go out on their own.

••Buy several and begin new traditions this year!••

This box measures 10" x 7" x 7 " ( 25.4 cmx 17.78 cmx 17.78cm). Adorned with green feet and a red ball knob. Both are trimmed with fringe, one red and the other a sparkly cream. Inside trim is gold. Inside the lid is stamped for more magical goodness! This box is not lined so your cards can be easily removed for sharing with others.


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