Friday, November 27, 2009

What Do We Really Need?

What's going on? The holiday buzz is upon us. The retail weirdness of shopping on Thanksgiving Day......What could one possibly 'need' that has to be purchased on Thanksgiving Day other than foil or cranberry sauce?

We were in the grocery store on Wednesday,along with the rest of Bloomington and what I saw made me feel good. People smiling at one another! In a time of what soon becomes the rush of the holidays, give the easiest gift of all - a smile. I found people all day returning them to me.

It's the simplest recognition.
It's the easiest of gifts.
To someone it may mean the world.
That someone noticed.
Took the time.

Today I posted more boxes to my etsy site. I hope you'll peruse them, hopefully finding something that tugs at you for a gift for yourself or someone else. Tomorrow we'll do the Bloomington Farmers Market with my TattooDream Boxes. Next weekend we'll do our last show of the year, the Unitarian Universalist Church Show.
After next weekend, our busiest year doing shows comes to a close.
25 shows, all over the country, 2 bodies of work.

I'm feeling ready for 2010 and a new beginning.

Some things look yummier close up! This is a detail shot of one of my new boxes.

Give away a few smiles-the person getting one may be more in need of one than you know!



Bonnie Blandford said...

Well said. I'm sending a big smile your way while eating a homemade chocolate chip cookie!!!


Flight Fancy said...

I'm sending a smile as well. Enjoy your holiday weekend! :)