Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Bob" A Little Box with A Big Story!

• Now here's the story about Bob. This box is dedicated to all the 'Bobs' out there. You know who you are.... You are the small orange goldfish who every 8 year old had to own. The one who lived with the plastic plants that never grew along with the horrible neon colored rocks interspersed with occasional goldfish turds they didn't see when they supposedly cleaned your bowl each Saturday morning after cartoons while Mom was vacuuming. Did they not once notice your need for a more muted decor? Did they not once notice you hated to constantly swim through the fake rocks with the fake holes only to later swim through the fake resin treasure chest complete with fake pearls opened up by the fake half floating mermaid with the yellow hair and big boobs you couldn't quite see atop your florescent rock carpeting with the never ending stream of bubbles surfacing ALL day and ALL night long? Did they feed you the same frickin' fish flakes day after day after day despite your kind requests for something a little higher on the food chain? Did small snot impacted nosed children with big round eyes stare at you in your thick glass bowl that they picked out amidst the barking dogs and background parakeet chatter in the store where everything smelled like cedar gerbil bedding even in the fish isle after they abruptly scooped you away from your other orange frolicking friends with the green plastic net and into a plastic bag marked 99 cents with a rubber band secured around the top for the bumpy journey home between juniors knees with the prepubescent hair follicles waiting to sprout as he repeatedly pushed his 'who knows where it had been' finger against your temporary pliable poly home for the ride to the new digs? Yes, this is for you Bob! When you died and were flushed to oblivion with little more than a few meager sheets of squeezably soft Mr. Whipple (remember him?) approved toilet paper gently laid across you as you swirled endlessly into goldfish funeral oblivion in the pastel tiled bathroom in the pastel colored toilet bowl with the matching pastel colored hand towels hung on the fake marble plastic 'guest towel' ring by the sink en-route to your final resting place---THIS BOX IS FOR YOU!! You've endured enough!

Bob The Itty Bitty TattooDream Box is on my etsy site


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