Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why Would You Buy This?

Why would you buy this from me? I can tell you all kinds of facts about how it was made, who made it, the size, the color - buy why would you buy this? Why would you spend $55.00 for a box? $800.00 for a painting?

Financial/practical folks would say "Do you want it or do you need it?"
Of course you don't need it.
You buy art because you want it.

Will it improve your life? Debatable.
If smiling when you see this object counts, then 'yes'.
If feeling that you have helped contribute to the life of an independent artist to continue living their creative life makes you feel good, then 'yes'.
If surrounding oneself with unusual one of a kind treasures makes you feel
like you're creating a personalized pod to live in, then 'yes'.
If by owning this, you vicariously are living with a piece of this artists spirit in your home or office - then 'yes'.
Pretty compelling reasons I would have to say. Then again, I'm the artist who wants you to buy my work!

So - if this is the case.....think about these things the next time you hesitate. The next time you think,"should I buy that beautiful work of art that seems to be tugging at my soul".......just say 'yes'.

There is no right or wrong in buying art.
Buy what you love.
Buy what ignites your spirit.
Buy what makes you feel whole.
Buy what makes you miss a breath.
In becoming attuned to your inner voice, you come to count on it's intuitive input
when you need the push to say 'yes'!

As 2011 unfolds, make it point to buy at least ONE handmade piece of art each month.
At the end of the year, your collection will have grown,
your sense of collecting strengthened -
your passion expanded.
You will have grown too!
You may find yourself smiling more.
You may find yourself showing others your collection - having people into your home.
These are some of the wonderful aspects of art.
It is beauty and grace all wrapped in one!
--this is art!

Happy Collecting!

If you need any ideas - I ship for FREE on my etsy site!