Saturday, September 19, 2009


Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE pandas. To me they're pure peace. I look at them and all the weird stuff of the world drifts away and I'm left with these adorable, docile black and white teddy bears. I love everything about them. They have big lolly pop like ears, big furry feet, rolly polly tummies and the kindest of eyes. They love bamboo and fruit and leafeater biscuits.

This is a picture of Mei Lan. I saw a story 3 years ago about her mom, Lun Lun on CNN. The story said she was about to give birth. I became glued to PandaCam and watched her birth Mei Lan. She was the size of a stick of butter and resembled nothing of a panda. I was quite ill at the time and these pandas provided comfort like I never knew. They gave me something to look forward to each day for the 4 months I was sick. I watched daily as this little hairless squealing creature turned into the beautiful panda pictured here. Now three years old and celebrating her birthday with an ice cake this weekend in Atlanta.

If you've never been to Zoo Atlanta, you should go! It's a wonderfully quaint zoo tucked into an older neighborhood that is pure magic. It's easily walkable, usually not crowded during the week. The corridors that line the concrete etched walkways are lined with bamboo and add so much to this magical zoo. The animals that reside there and their caretakers are a real treat.

Happy Birthday to all the pandas at Zoo Atlanta! The entire panda family is having birthdays this month, Lun Lun (Mom), Yang Yang (Dad) Mei Lan (daughter) and Xi Lan (son).

Wishing you peace,

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