Thursday, February 19, 2009

IWIN Breast Cancer Donation

Featured on my blog today is a donation I've made to the 2009 IWIN Foundation for their annual fundraising event. IWIN is an acronym for Indiana Women in Need. This Pink Pajama Party takes place Feb 27th and 28th. Go here for more information:
This TattooDream Box will become part of their silent auction held in conjunction with their Pink Pajama Party event. IWIN helps women who have breast cancer by lending a hand to them in the way of financial help to maintain and make their lives easier. I don't think any such group was around when my Mom was going through her breast cancer treatment 35 years ago. Finding wigs that looked decent and undergarments and falsies was difficult. I remember going with my Mom and being her 'consultant' at the ripe age of 14.

I hope this box will render some revenue to the event and smiles to the new owner.
I wish them every success and look forward to helping them next year. This is a cause near to my heart.


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shannon said...

I bet it will, because it is awesome.