Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert... A voice I'd come to know........

Every now and then, someone dies who we seem to feel we know, but in actuality, have never met. Today was one of those days and Tim Russert was one of those rare individuals. The news of his death at 58 was shocking. He was the voice I'd come to know from Sunday mornings and 'Meet the Press'.
The voice that asked questions, that had the facts all the while challenging with wit and wisdom.
He had Irish charm.
He was to be around, for what some feel to be, myself included, the most important election of our time. This was his event to cover. Somehow his early demise cuts short the electricty of the fall election coverage and, as a fellow Democrat, I can only hope the right guy wins!

No one expects to die at 58. Having just returned from Italy the day before, perhaps it was a blood clot that took him this afternoon.
Perhaps his heart gave way.
Perhaps too much intensity played out.
For an inspired journalist to die at work only seems appropriate. He lived and loved his job and that is where he took his last breaths.

How sad for his family to face such a loss on Fathers Day weekend. His published books were books that accounted his deep relationship with his father, his mentor. Perhaps fitting then, that this be his time to go. His father outlived him.

Tim brought the world of politics into view for the average person and helped them decipher the underpinnings of what often seemed few could comprehend. This he did so extraordinarily well, he made it look easy, all the while asking the questions you know he wanted to hear the answers to as well as the viewers who dilligently listened. If a journalist had fans, Tim Russert had a fan club!
I will miss his television persona and the person I have come to know as my liason into politics. His bravado and charisma will be hard to replace.

Godspeed Tim Russert.
You had the popular vote!



Anonymous said...

Hear hear! An Irish toast to a life well lived and shared with so many:

May joy and peace surround you,
Contentment latch your door,
And happiness be with you now,
And bless you evermore.

....and may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead.

To you, Tim, and blessings to your family.


Anonymous said...

When politics and the like are put to the side and the leaders of your "industry," your hometown and all those who you touched feel the need to universally praise you, then you must have been one of the good guys.

You were all that and more Mr. Russert.

The 2008 Presidential campaign will not be the same without you.

On a personal note: As a graduate of the University of Buffalo, I was lucky enough to spend several years in your hometown and most definitely identify with many of the sentiments you used to echo when you spoke about growing up.

I will miss you.