Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Wigwam Motel, Holbrook Arizona

Sometimes the places we stay linger in our minds long after we leave. We find ourselves on the road, traversing this amazing country living intermittently out of a suticase for half the year. This takes us to hotel rooms that meld and look like one another after a while. Then again, some are very different and strike a cord that alligns with the people who seek them out for their unique appeal. The Wigwam Motel on Route 66 was just this. Located in Holbrook Arizona, this old motel is from a byegone era. An era when folks drove all day in un-airconditoned autos, stopped for the night, had dinner and began again early the next day. The art of the journey. The stopping early and having sit down meals versus drive through fast food lent more interaction with the local folks and left a flavor of the place you've been on the palette and the mind.

Those days are gone unless one makes a conscious effort to recreate them. Last Halloween we did just that. We stayed in a cement wigwam. 14 feet in diameter. You could lock out the world in your cement confines, complete with an ac that blasted refrigerated air and heater that blew warm comfort, this self contained room was modestly decorated with period tramp furnishing and echoed of the lives who spent time there.
We ate dinner at a local establishment and continued our dirve the following day spending the following night at a place that looked like everywhere else except the place we'd just been.

To find the unique, you sometimes have to look a little a harder.
But when you do, it's worth it!

The road calls and soon we'll be traversing her again.
It's in our blood.

Patricia Hecker

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