Friday, February 8, 2008

✺ Friday ✺

Good Morning!
We have sun! To a former Floridian now a midwesterner in winter...this is huge! We've gone about 4 days, maybe more with little or no sun. Ughhhh.... This watercreature can do without water but needs sunlight to function. Depression and lethargy quickly set in without the solar goodness streaming down on me.

Today I'll be in the studio working on commissions and work for my etsy site. I love the anticipation of a weekend and the quiet they bring. This weekend I'm off to jury a show. I am one of the jurrors for a show that will take place in late June/early July. When this show goes on, it's usually near 100º. In stark contrast to the temperatures when it gets juried!! The jury will convene at a ski resort and the roads getting there are hilly and hopefully clear. This will be a nice diversion and quick get away for Jon and I.

Todays photo is of our sweet tiger Oreo beside one of my TattooDream dressers.


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thecuriousrabbit said...

oreo is adorable! i have the same with white socks...she is just a baby but will look just like this when she is older... lovely!