Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Bizarre Observation.....

Over this past very cold, very dark weekend, two 'emergency runs' became necessary.
One for tequila on Saturday night.
The other for ice-cream on Sunday afternoon.
In Indiana, heaven forbids the sale of alcohol on Sunday........Why I don't understand! Cant buy a car on Sunday either, but I digress....
I grew up with Catholic grandparents who referred to alcohol as 'Holy Water' and bought it on sale
and stowed it away along with other useful items on sale. My Pop-Pop, the greatest guy in the world on so many levels, left a major imprint on my impressionable self as a young child. "You buy things on sale." He bought top shelf Vermouth, Dermasage moisture cream and Listerine by the case. Bought them at Webb City. A huge old destination of a store in downtown St. Petersburg Florida. There long before mega stores or malls, this place sold everything!

Anyway, this emergency ice-cream run over the weekend took us to our local CVS drugstore. Jon headed for the ice cream and I perused the cosmetics. Not that I buy much of that stuff, I much prefer the face paint I use so little of to be from companies that don't test on animals.( I use Body Shop.) Anyway........I do love the array of choices in a store like this. For whatever reason, I do love the collective smell of drugstores! I was struck by all the cosmetics on sale. By sale I mean half off or more on almost everything...........what does this say?
That these items are luxury items and in such horrific financial times the only way to sell them is to discount them?
Or does it say, for the love of God, if the world is going to hell, we might as well all look good........... I dunno, but it struck me as interesting.
Definite blog fodder I stowed away to share on this frigid 20 degree day.

So have a nice day, paint your face and buy stuff on sale!


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Holly Olinger said...

Would you please send some of that tequila down here. It may actually prevent a crime from occurring.