Friday, May 20, 2011

Reflecting Affirmations Mirror

New from our studio- our Reflecting Affirmations Mirror. We've been wanting to do this design for a while and this week it all came together. I love having an idea and see it come to life so quickly! A true collaboration of our skills.
Made from cherry with mixed woods of varying height and thickness for each word. The frame has a Danish oil on it and each word block is stamped, sanded and painted.

Ready to move into your life!
20" x 28"



~ Jon and Patricia Hecker

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frogmomof3 said...

Could you post a picture and dimensions of the one you had at the Ann Arbor Art Fair? I took your business card thinking I could see it on the web to show my husband but I can't find it anywhere :(

I didn't purchase anything at the fair but your piece was one that I wish I could have gone back to see, measure, and possibly purchase but we were soooooooo hot and out of energy at 4:00 pm on Thursday that I couldn't keep going.
LOVED your ART!!!!!