Wednesday, September 22, 2010

TattooDreams Beaded Room Divider Screen

This is a room divider screen that my husband Jon and I designed and built. It appears more like a sculpture and becomes a conversation piece wherever it's placed! Each panel is 66" tall, 16" wide and holds 5 strings of beads per panel. It consists of 15 strings of handmade rubber stamped painted and cut out beads strung on stainless steel cable. Each string is adorned with tied silk and fringe intermittently added to radiate bursts of color.

Beads can be custom made to incorporate family names or pets or significant dates almost making this a 'family tree'.
Can be made with color or natural and black.
Pieces of my work are available for movie prop rental. Please enquire by phone 812-935-6172 availability and rates.
Any item from HeckerDesign Studio can be shipped world wide.

Jon and Patricia Hecker
Bloomington, Indiana


Anonymous said...

The closer one gets to this piece....the more one appreciates your artwork!

See you in 2 weeks!

Campbell Jane said...

TOTALLY AWESOME! I love what goes on in your head :)