Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Light Filled the Temple

Sun light filled the Temple on this past Saturday afternoon in early September. We were in Dunn Loring Virginia attending my nephew, Benjamin's Bar Mitzvah. My sister-in-law is Jewish and this ceremony is his acceptance of his Jewish faith. There was a cantor who sang and although I knew not the words, they enveloped me with a sense of history and awe I'll not soon forget. Some brought tears. I knew I was witnessing a very old ceremony amidst contemporary surroundings. The Ark of the Covenant.

We witnessed our nephew take command of a foreign - yet studied language, stand before family and friends and read from the handwritten scroll of the Torah- backwards, with amazing poise and confidence. He was respectful and solemn and steady in his demeanor. I was so proud of all he had accomplished to arrive at this point in his young life.

I saw a Temple filled with people of all faiths and all beliefs. From near and far, friends and family. I thought, 'why cannot this small microcosm of life, right here, right now, be the way a world of people get along?'
It gave me hope.
Hope that maybe it could.
Hope that maybe it will despite the differences we face.

There were celebrations and parties and hugs and well wishes through out the weekend. What will remain with me from this occasion was a young man taking control of himself. Accepting his faith and growing up, right before my eyes.
Light filled the Temple and hope filled my heart.
We are all one- if we chose to be!


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