Monday, July 19, 2010

Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair - You Still Need Art!

During the next few days, the right of passage known as the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fairs will emerge once again. Too many artists to count and even more art loving patrons gather each summer amidst the meandering streets and sunny skies of Ann Arbor Michigan. Multiple shows reach into one another so much so some don't know where one begins and another ends. It is there you will find everything from wonderfully imaginative work to 'stuff' impaled on a stick. (There is a name for such 'stuff' I will refrain from using here.)

I will be there! My TattooDream boxes will make their debut at the Summer Art Fair also known as The Michigan Guild Show. My booth is #8 on State Street near the steps to Angell Hall by the Quad. With a show so large, one needs GPS and comfy shoes to take it all in!
By doing this show, I'll mark having done all of the major shows that concurrently go on for these four (usually sweltering) summer days in this artsy enclave.

In my booth, you will see a sign. It simply says "YOU STILL NEED ART"......

For so long, the mantra has been to not be seen spending money. Guess what? You have my permission to begin shopping again! Yes, you heard it here! The concept is to be selective and buy things that enhance your life, feed your soul, and nourish your being.
So what I'm saying is---BUY ART! Buy art this week. BUY ART NOW!!

Find your favorite artist or a new one and re-establish buying art. (We know you haven't forgotten how to do this!)

We have not gone away, we're still here.
Here fighting to hang on in a screwed up economy, pay our bills and and carve away the dust to uncover our dreams and prosper once again.
We need you!
YOU are a part of that process.
Without YOU, artists cannot keep creating.
Join in the process of keeping art alive again. It's easy, really. All it takes is you giving up something of value to you in exchange for me giving up something of value of mine.

Resume the passion of collecting!! YOU STILL NEED ART!


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Stephanie said...

Love the box in the photo!

I agree, spending money on art is a great investment. Why buy a print when you can get an original that will mean something to both you and the artist