Saturday, May 22, 2010

LOST- What A Ride It's Been...

For the last 6 years, Jon and I have sat spell-bound by the TV show LOST. For two individuals who don't watch much TV, this is amusing. An amazing cast and crew have taken over our lives and living room embarking on a weekly journey of intrigue, faith, mystery and perhaps even destiny. What began with teasers for what appeared more like a TV mini-series, a show emerged like no other! Each week the tables were turned, the stakes upped and as any LOST aficionado knows, more questions would rise to the surface with few answers revealed. The black and white, the good and the evil.

Thanks to this show, we've derived a new vernacular. To me, a hallmark of something superior! Akin to a good movie, these quotable quotes will be around for a long time.
I've always felt that the good things in life need to leave us wanting more. Maybe not getting it, but wanting it nonetheless. As we prepare for the final episode, we're certainly left wanting more. Wanting more from an amazing ensemble of gifted actors who have pushed us to tears, made us laugh and left us feeling like we really knew them. Their nuances are unmistakable. Their once unrecognized personas grace magazine covers and our hearts- we now know them well. These gifted thespians will find new roles, but the ones they portrayed on LOST will be with us forever.
The brilliance of this ingenious show is a mix of excellent direction, superb writing and acting that blend flawlessly. All have left us guessing, frustrated and many weeks scratching our heads wishing the show was longer than one hour. In essence, wanting more!

Good things do end and in this spirit, I wish them amazing success in their future roles and careers. For the extraordinary writers, directors, set designers and creators who have crafted for the loyal LOST followers a journey of epic proportion, I wish them new projects that will captivate our minds and push their creative energies.
I've heard the ending will be 'beautiful'--I'm sure it will be!

I post here to my blog a few items from a recent 'food drop' by the Dharma folks. Funny how they knew to bring tequila! It'll be enjoyed in the hatch!
Here's to LOST!


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Anonymous said...

I totally agree...and let's not forget what an absolutely stunning canvas the show was painted upon every week...Hawaii!