Monday, May 3, 2010

Fears Given Flight Healing Vessel

This box was done during the last week. It began as a story box and turned into a box comprised of healing thoughts and feelings that welled deep inside. A cathartic box of emotions set to words and given flight.

decide • make shampoo horns • daily try to remember to laugh • fearlessly acknowledge fear • breathe in love • dig in the dirt • always trust in yourself and God • connect with nature and wind • shine

forgive others and yourself • trust • follow your star • pray • listen • adjust and know you will be okay • hope • envision the goal • create • sit quietly and dream • heal • believe

surrender guilt and loss • imagine joy • take the back roads • bloom as needed • make time for peaceful healing rest • renew • help others freely • love • invite joy into all of your home • listen • act

eat ice-cream daily • cry • know you are much stronger than you think • honestly forgive • paint in the sunshine • be extra kind • wave to animals • hug friends • believe strongly in hope