Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tribal Mask Box

This TattooDreams creation is my Mask Box. Another of my recycled, reloved, cigar boxes. It measures 7" wide x 7 1/4" deep x 6" tall (17.78cm x 18.41cm x 15.24cm.) This box has a hinged top that easily reveals the contents you decide are the treasures most important. It's lined on the bottom with sultry black velvet. Emblazoned with an exotic array of culturally alive masks. These rubber stamped masks are from my tribal collection.

Inside the lid is stamped a crow with a verse from the Desiderata:
"You are a child of the universe.
No less than the trees and stars"

This box has amber feet and would match any decor no matter how contemporary, primitive or eclectic!

My boxes are quietly making their way into esteemed collections around the world.
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