Wednesday, July 1, 2009

TattooDreams Booth Shot

Art fair artists set up their mobile galleries in a 10' x10' footprint. Some opt for larger booths. Extra costs are double booths and corner access. All these criteria affect the layout and flow of traffic ones work will generate. This is my new booth!
Jon built the panels and, for the time being, the walls are raw wood. He did a magnificent job! Plans include wrapping each panel in carpet. As funds allow, this will transpire.

Selling a body of craft differs greatly from selling art for the wall. How I interact with the collector is different, and I'm learning so much by watching them interact with my work. Also I'm learning who gravitates to this body of work, in essence, 'who is my target market'? It's all good. I needed a new challenge and the psychology of sales has long fascinated me and understanding it directs how I market my work.

My TattooDreams are inspired by the images that resonate deep within our minds at rest. Oftentimes these dreams are awoken later the following day when some visual, scent or memory of a dream is recalled. The mind is a fascinating place to sketch our ideas, transform our thoughts and create inspired artistry. Dreaming is 'billable time' since my ideas come to me in my dreams! Being asleep and unconscious at the same time is awesome!
Thanks for your continued encouragement as I explore part of myself and this new body of work takes shape!



PK said...

Aloha, love your booth, very professionally done. Clear intent, good reach for customers to really get a good look at your items, as well as really appreciate all of your wares. Kudos for your set up.

As for your mindscapes, love em all. I've hit a place in my conciousness that they're not dreams for me, and I can't call them that any more. They're far more adventures, due to the fact that I live them, and they are way to real. In lots of cultures they call them visions or travel. So for me they are both. I truly enjoyed your creations. For they help to open the subconcious and allows the us to remember what lays deep. Kudos for remembering how the magic works.


Campbell Jane said...

Love your booth and the tables are fantastic! You've got an Award! Check out my blog.

nomadcraftsetc said...

Absolutely fantastic! So sleek and it gives me a ton of ideas for ours! Thanks for sharing!