Saturday, July 11, 2009

Embracing Change

After weeks preparing for two back to back weekend shows, we're home! We're regrouping for the next run of shows and we've learned a lot. New items I want to create, new ways to show the I feel the need to reinvent myself and it feels so good!
Lots of new work on the horizon.
Is it that I'm at 'that age'?
The current economic climate?
Needing a new challenge?
All of the above.

I'm embracing the feeling of 'newness' and it feels so good! I feel focused.
Life can become a process of going through the motions effortlessly rote or you can create an aura of taking a highlighter and scrawling wildly with passion, circling your days with florescent energy, growth and excitement.

I'm choosing the later.

Make it a great day, I am!



nomadcraftsetc said...

congrats! It sounds like before you get to work, that you need a nap! You have made me tired! :)

lavachickie said...

So glad to hear the energy is rising for you!

New is good. And good is... good. =-)

Bonnie Blandford said...

Love this one...