Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A tribute to our road family.......

This is a brief tribute to those of you who look after us while we're on the road.
You call us, email us, leave messages on Facebook, or hug us as we
wallow in disappointment
clean up after a rainstorm
are grateful our work and tents and display are not damaged.
You pray for us
and hold us in your thoughts
on our travels
for our sales
in our despair and in our achievements.
You are our re-connect to the world going on outside our 10'x10' booths.
The world of inclement weather,
of flu pandemics
of hope.
You gave us pause to realize
this is what we do
in the face of very uncertain and scary times
Because this is who we are!
You travel the unknown roads we travel
and journey with our own fragile selves as
we do what calls us.
We create.
We make art in a fragile economy.
We make art in our fragile selves.
We are are fragile
We make art.

We appreciate you.
Thank you!



Flight Fancy said...

Paricia, that was lovely!

John Bauman said...

And for you guys who don't support us?

....we are, like, SO totally over you and stuff.

Ellen said...

We can't help it - we LOVE YOU guys!

Deborah T. Colter said...

Wonderful tribute. The support received while traveling those unknown roads is so valuable. Sorry it was such a struggle this time, keep believing, keep creating, art is important.


“Whoever lives sincerely and encounters much trouble and disappointment without being bowed down is worth more than one who has always sailed before the wind and has only known prosperity.” -Vincent van Gogh