Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Finding peace can be difficult. There are so many stressful aspects in todays world. For me, I find peace with our cats. I fondly refer to them as our tigers. Merely being in their presence soothes me. They do everything with such intensity. They sleep long and deep, refurl when needed. Stretch and fall right back to sleep. Their faces so at peace when they nap.

Feeling safe........sometimes hard to do these days. The things in life that make me feel so vulnerable are what keep me from feeling safe. I want those to go away. I want to breathe in deeply and not worry about money, healthcare, paying bills, not paying so very close to the edge isn't fun. It sucks the energy right out of people.

So today, I find peace in my furry creatures......This is Fripples, our eldest son. Asleep on one of my TattooDreams Kitty Pods (shamless plug.. Buy one from my Etsy site) he loves to nap with his head pearched on his pod in the afternoon sun in the living room. He's a wonderful cuddly companion who is pure peace!



WolfeWoman said...

Ooooh, me too! Nothing like some great kitty love. And your cat looks completely precious.

Anonymous said...

..and she's probably dreaming about chasing a laser light beam around the living room.

Ann Renee Lighter said...

What a great picture! We too love our cats, all 6 of them! I really enjoyed your post, and also the heartfelt tribute below about your Mom.

Holly Olinger said...

I hope you get further from the edge this weekend. Good luck.