Friday, March 15, 2013


When I was a young impressionable girl with a wild imagination, I wanted to be a mermaid. I would drape pearls and beads around my neck, hibiscus in my hair and run around the orange trees in our yard. I'd examine the patterns in my vinyl swimming pool looking for traces of mermaids and magical things. The sides were blue and had a patten like finger prints. It was mesmerizing. Having grown up on Florida's Gulf Coast I loved water. My parents took my brother and I to Weeki Wachee Springs one Saturday afternoon.
My life was never the same.
We saw the mermaids perform their underwater show. Back then, the mermaids lived in small cabanas at the back of the property. I wanted nothing more than to be one of them.

Sirens of the sea have guarded ships by crowning their bow, been inked onto sailors arms, and cultivated the aquatic imagination of little girls everywhere. I was one of those girls.

This box is a tribute to those beautiful Mermaids......wherever you are, whatever size you are!

This TattooDreams Box is available at the Orchard Gallery in Fort Wayne, IN. as a part of their Art Becomes Her Exhibit.

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Anonymous said...

I beg to differ...I think you're still young and impressionable with a wild imagination!

So there!