Monday, March 5, 2012

••• Leaf Vessel •••

Our newest TattooDreams vessel is the Leaf Vessel. This is a tapered cherry box designed and built by Jon. Patricia stained it a warm tobacco color and stamped gold leaves onto its' surface. Over that she attached cut, painted and airbrushed leaves of various sizes and type. These deciduous leaves are edged in gold and adorn all sides as well as the top. The lid is composed of an additional layer which leaves tuck under and around the decorative finial.
The ephemera that cascades down from the finial is a compilation of seeds, shells, nuts, and semi-precious stones strung on waxed linen.

This vessel is currently on display at the Orchard Gallery in Fort Wayne Indiana. It's part of their "In the Garden" show which runs from March 3-31.

The Orchard Gallery
6312A Covington Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46804

(260) 436-0927

If you feel the need to adopt this box, call the Orchard Gallery at the number above and tell them this one needs to be in your collection. They will understand and help you make this happen!


9x9 17


Anonymous said...

Learned a new word: "ephemera."

Cool Box.

Kevin Chard said...

Pat - Wow - another incredible vessel! I love it!!
I already knew what ephemera meant (HA! HA!)