Wednesday, October 5, 2011

~~~Steve Jobs~~

"Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart. Stay hungry. Stay foolish." -Steve Jobs 1955-2011.

Not that long ago I blogged about Steve Jobs. Tonight this visionary man passes from one world to the next. All the adjectives used to describe 'genius' have already been attached to this man and to his legacy. There isn't much more to say except that he will be missed and what he designed has had a profound affect on me.
I never thought I'd enjoy using a computer. If I were using another platform (I'll refrain from mentioning), I know I'd have little interest.
I use a Mac.
I always have, and always will.
Yes, a cultish following indeed, but because this operating system is so easy to use I've found new talents within myself that I may have never tapped.
Perhaps that is also part of the genius behind this man. He taught us to look inside ourself for answers and to continue to ask questions. To believe in the power of ideas. To act on those beliefs.
I am profoundly grateful to a man I've never met, a genius that will live on and whose innovations enlighten and connect me to
my friends-
to the world-
and to new ideas.
I will always remember his genius and his generosity.
Rest in peace~



Sally said...

Well written, as always, Patricia. As a MAC fan I have faith in the company, but will sorely miss Jobs' surprises.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see the interviews of his biographer (authorized) who basically stated that he was a very mean man.