Sunday, June 19, 2011

Frida Kahlo- A Mexican Icon

The amazing Frida Kahlo is the theme of this warm cherry box. The box is handmade by my husband and rubber stamped by me. All the designs are permanent and will not fade or wear away. Sealed with a protective spray. The intricate designs are a wonderful mix of sayings and images of this iconic Mexican artist. My one of a kind boxes are quickly becoming collectable and can be purchased from me here or at selected art fairs across the country.

This box measures 8" wide x 3.75" deep x 7.25" high. Perfect for holding thoughts, dreams, tea bags, artist trade cards or anything you desire!

Adorned with magenta pink feet and and red fringe. A fun Fiesta creates the knob on top. Lined on the inside bottom with black velvet. Wonderful details make this box one to covet!!
If you chose, fringe can be removed-that's up to you!

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