Thursday, February 24, 2011

Franklin The Turtle Box

I created this little box for a wonderful repeat customer of mine. He liked my Bob the Fish Box, but needed a turtle. Not just any turtle, it was a special turtle named Franklin. In his quest for the most "Franklin-like" turtle, we discussed what I had and it was not 'Franklin-like', so he ordered just the right stamp and sent it to me. I used it and returned it with the completed box.

This sweet box now lives with his God-Daughter in France and graces her life. A reminder of love and care. There are many wonderful aspects that aligned in this brief transaction. Overall, it was a gift of love done for one person from another. It is the people who make the effort in our lives, who take the time, who go that extra mile that make all the difference.

Life is not about getting 'through' things. It is about the journey as we proceed.
What we learn along the way coupled with the the final arrival.

This takes time.
Love takes time.
This was a true gift of love - thank you for letting me be a part of it!


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