Wednesday, August 18, 2010

༺ Good Gourd Almighty! ༻

I have a green thumb. Oftentimes that comment is underscored by rampant growth of some vegetation on our property. This is one of those times!
Pictured here is a happily thriving 'volunteer'. This gourd vine has taken off and now crawls across the front door of our studio.

The seeds were tossed outside when I cleaned gourds last fall. I never know how many will make it to the dried stage. When they do successfully make it to that point, they become art supplies! We were gone 2 weeks and this went wild!

So, if this vine produces gourds that dry well, they will get to enter the door they now broach, get cleaned, rubber stamped and embellished. After their 'makeovers' they will be photographed and sold!


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