Monday, March 22, 2010

Menopause Bitch Box

A brand new Bitch Box.....this is a new size box we're unveiling!!

Is your body on fire? Do you find tweezers your next best friend? Your forgetfulness reaching an all time orgasm to the point of putting car keys in the refrigerator? Finger sticking coffee grounds off the counter to lick them - thinking all the while they're cookie crumbs......(hey that counts as house cleaning...right?)
Never knowing when you'll get your period?
Tampons gracing every pocket and purse and glove compartment in your universe?
Tired, cranky, not sleeping well? Up at 3am.......

This box is for you, my fellow sufferer! I share with you The Bitch Box. This is a handmade cherry box emblazoned with words of comfort and joy! If laughter ensues, even better! Buy one for yourself and order one for a friend!
Adorned with chocolate, thermometers, chocolate, bitching, chocolate, women, chocolate and wisdom!...did I mention chocolate?

•Hot Flashes are not responsible for global warming!•
•Grey is the new blonde•

If this resonates, you owe it to yourself to buy it!
Yes, NOW!

Like eating m&m's while watching Oprah's Taking Control Diet Special, or Cheese Whiz sprayed on your fingers.....big girl comfy underpants........or Jif Peanut Butter off a spoon......(is there any other way?)

Make this's BUY IT NOW! Toss it in your cart, jump into your sweats, spray on some perfume and get ready for a night of good tv with the cat. In a few days, this enchanting box will arrive at your door while you're in your jammies polishing off the last of family size box of strawberry Pop Tarts in the shiny protective foil wrapper! (This may count as fruit!)

Oh yea, the size.......see....... I'm so forgetful!
This Bitch measures 5" x5" and 5 1/2" tall. Lined with black velvet on the bottom.
Has two-tone bi-polar pink ruffles on its plump pink feet and a lift off lid. Inside the lid, there's more girl talk that will get us through this segment of our lives laughing one minute and crying the next........just buy it!!
Throw caution to the wind, you know you want it!

On my etsy site 48.00

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lavachickie said...

I love the bra, I really do. =-)