Friday, October 9, 2009

♣ Needfire Groupies! ♣

A quick little entry about one of my favorite bands- Needfire. They're a Celtic Rock band from Texas. They performed at Cottonwood Arts Festival (Dallas) last weekend. They were scheduled to play last May at the spring show and got rained out. More rain this year, but not enough to stop them or their fans from enjoying their energy.
Then again, what's to stop men in kilts and Doc Martens and great rock music!!!
This is my good good friend Bonnie and I. We're playing hooky from our nearby booths to take in the music and visuals!
Photo was taken by Jon. He too played hooky to catch us watching the band. It was worth it!


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Bonnie Blandford said...

Oh, men in kilts! Loved seeing them again and it was worth playing hooky from our booths! Plus we got up close!!!