Saturday, August 1, 2009

This Is What 2000 5/8" Painted Wood Beads Look Like......

Over the past few weeks I have been preparing for the upcoming shows we have. There's always something that needs to be done. Always! Many of my TattooDreams items require beads to adorn them. Because of this, I paint beads every chance I get. These in the photo are 5/8" wood blocks. I create some beads by cutting wood and drilling the holes myself. This is far more labor intensive but offers me the ability to create any size or shape I desire. It's the variety of size, shape and mix of patterns that make these baubles so wonderfully tactile.
You'll be seeing more things with beads soon! Stay tuned!

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tupelolondon said...


Know I know what 2000 5/8 blocks look like... thank you : )

libu said...

love that photo of your hand painted bead!!!

Sharon said...

Good golly! What a lot of work this photo represents!

The beads are funtastic!