Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Friendships Threads

Jon and I have done juried art fairs for 24 years.
In this time we've made some wonderful friendships.
Sometimes we see friends after a long hiatus,
sometimes the next weekend.
The passage of time seems inconsequential to the strength of the friendship.
This is due to several facets---one being
we share some a common thread.

A thread that we've seen become strong over time,
tested by endurance,
made versatile by patience,
softened by rain,
weathered by sun
tattered a bit by age
and colored by our similarities.

Threads are small pieces of a whole. Interwoven.
Each essential to one another. Each holding the other in place taking turns as to who is up and who is down.

The whole is the fabric-
all of us....doing what we've become passionate doing.
Doing what we love.

This thread and this fabric
binds us over the years to
become for one another
-a canopy of protection,
-a hammock of life..
-a rope to hold on to.

I celebrate all of my friends--
however and whenever we met.
I treasure all of you!
Our travels and experiences have
given us the foundation to paint a life of memories.
A canvas interwoven with all these elements in a world
of uncertainty.......we count on one another!

This weeeknd like most others-
I saw you.
Saw you weathering the horrible heat,
hugging over a victory,
applauding award winners,
trying our best to sell our work....
And again we painted a canvas........rich in diversity, texture
and added for ourselves
yet another memory in the threads we weave.



SMWJewels said...

What a nice post. You have such a way with words. Hope you did well down South.

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...