Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Asian Pagoda Box

The time to begin buying again is now!
The thing to buy is handmade art that supports independent artists. We've had our business plans in place all along--
we know hard work pays off and we're not giving up!
We re-invent our work and ourselves ----we do not quit!
We're not looking for a bailout.........
We're working hard for our sales by making quality work!
We make some of the last things "Hand Made in America"!
We are the fabric that creates our culture.
Am I passionate about this?
You bet I am!
I'm an independent artist!!!

My Asian Pagoda Box is kindly being featured on etsystalker! A fun way to be linked to another great site for exposure. My handmade cherry box measures 6 1/4" wide and 6 1/4" deep and 10 1/2" tall (15.87cm x 15.87cm x 26.67cm ). An elegant box with cream and gold feet and adorned with whispy red eyelash trim. The top opens by way of a wooden lift off lid utilizing a bamboo handle. On the top and edges there is red trim accented with hints of gold detail. Inside, the bottom is lined with sultry black velvet. The inside rim is painted with gold and on the inner lift off lid an array of graceful gingko leaves.
This handmade box beckons to be set upon a mantle or bookshelf and shyly listen to the compliments it will get in your home or office!
My boxes are quietly making their way into esteemed collections around the world.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Go With God, Baxter

It's with sadness that I write this. Our sweet little Baxter kitty died this weekend. We don't know how or why, but we found him when we came in last night. He was well and energetic and a bouncy bundle of kitten. Perhaps he played with a wasp, as they sometimes get inside. He may have eaten one, who knows. We will never know. It was clear he didn't die alone. His arm fur was licked by his friends. They were probably trying to make him better and in doing so provided for him the last comfort he got in this world. He was with us for 7 short months, still getting to know things, constantly exploring and very slowly growing into his large ears. He ran sideways like a puppy and smiled when he slept. Loved to be a lap cat from the minute we met him.

He personified hope.

He came to us in the fall of last year when things were pretty bleak. He was the ray of light we so very much needed.
He ran towards us one night down the driveway as we walked in from the studio.
It was that same path we took last night to lay him to rest.
Under the same star-lit sky.
Hope feels different now. Kind of hard to find.
Too much uncertainty.

We're forever grateful we had this wonderful little tiger for the time we did, however brief. His passing a cruel reminder how hard it is to let go, especially with no notice.There are lessons to take from this, all relevant, but right now we are wrapping our thoughts around our Milo, Fripples and Oreo, and missing our little Baxter bear. We all lost a part of our little family and today we are sad.

Thanks for the love all our friends have sent.
Thanks for understanding how hard this is.

Thank you Saint Francis for taking our Baxter home to God.

Pat & Jon
Milo, Fripples and Oreo

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Finding peace can be difficult. There are so many stressful aspects in todays world. For me, I find peace with our cats. I fondly refer to them as our tigers. Merely being in their presence soothes me. They do everything with such intensity. They sleep long and deep, refurl when needed. Stretch and fall right back to sleep. Their faces so at peace when they nap.

Feeling safe........sometimes hard to do these days. The things in life that make me feel so vulnerable are what keep me from feeling safe. I want those to go away. I want to breathe in deeply and not worry about money, healthcare, paying bills, not paying bills....living so very close to the edge isn't fun. It sucks the energy right out of people.

So today, I find peace in my furry creatures......This is Fripples, our eldest son. Asleep on one of my TattooDreams Kitty Pods (shamless plug.. Buy one from my Etsy site) he loves to nap with his head pearched on his pod in the afternoon sun in the living room. He's a wonderful cuddly companion who is pure peace!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Word 'Mom'

Conjures up memories..
of warmth,
daily hugs
being loved
feeling whole

Missing her brings up
being 15 again
losing a part of me
wondering what she would be like now
if still alive
if well and whole.

So there are days..
when I think of my amazing Mom
and feel like
I'm 15 again
missing something
ever so blessed I had her for
the 15 years I did.

I love you Mom!
Happy Mothers Day!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A tribute to our road family.......

This is a brief tribute to those of you who look after us while we're on the road.
You call us, email us, leave messages on Facebook, or hug us as we
wallow in disappointment
clean up after a rainstorm
are grateful our work and tents and display are not damaged.
You pray for us
and hold us in your thoughts
on our travels
for our sales
in our despair and in our achievements.
You are our re-connect to the world going on outside our 10'x10' booths.
The world of inclement weather,
of flu pandemics
of hope.
You gave us pause to realize
this is what we do
in the face of very uncertain and scary times
Because this is who we are!
You travel the unknown roads we travel
and journey with our own fragile selves as
we do what calls us.
We create.
We make art in a fragile economy.
We make art in our fragile selves.
We are are fragile
We make art.

We appreciate you.
Thank you!